About Sparkz

Cosplay Style

I focus on the craftsmanship aspect of cosplay, specifically EVA foam armor. I also sew, style wigs, make props, and many other elements of cosplay.

Building Community

I try to stream 5 days a week on Twitch, and do as much of my cosplay crafting on stream as I can in order to teach others how to work with the materials that I love, so they can create their own wearable art.

Finishing Touches

I specialize in video game cosplays and love sculpting with foam and creating elaborate and realistic paint jobs for my costumes to bring the characters I love to life.



Promo Codes

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Use my link for 15% OFF at Excel Blades for blades, scissors, and other useful cosplay tools

 Use code: 20LITTLESPARKZ for 20% OFF 1st Purchase at Allstarco.com distributor of acrylic gems 

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Do you want me at your events? Do you want to collaborate on a project? Cosplay is about community, so let's talk! 

Send me a message, and I will get back to you soon!

Little Sparkz